Non destructive entry (warrant or bailiff)

At Goldilocks Locksmiths, we have extensive experience working with bailiffs, warrant officers, letting agents, utility companies & banks to provide peaceful entry into homes.  Whether for repossession or utility reading, we aim to have you inside cleanly to complete your work.

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Insurance Upgrades

Goldilocks provides FREE consultations on all security matters such as replacement locks, doors & windows.

  •  Mortice (Chubb Type) Locks

The majority of insurance companies now insist on locks being to BS3621 Standard, with new legislation coming in for the upgraded BS3621 2004 European Standard.

If your locks do not meet your insurance company’s requirements, you will not be covered if the worst happens.  Many properties have not had the locks changed in many years & still have 2 or 3 lever locks on the doors. These are now only suitable for internal doors!

If you are concerned that your locks are not up to insurance standards, you can call us & we will gladly do a free, no obligation survey to see if your locks need upgrading (please have your most recent insurance documents to hand, as requirements can vary from one insurance company to another).

  • Cylinder Locks (Yale Type & UPVC)

We can upgrade most cylinder locks to virtually any type of high security cylinder, including; bump resistant, snap resistant, pin in pin & restricted profile cylinders.

Although we fit 6 pin, anti-drill cylinders as standard, we can supply & fit even higher security cylinders on request. We can even fit BS2621 versions.

  •  Additional security

There are some cases where your insurance company may insist on additional security for your property to comply with their regulations. This is often in the form of window locks (usually these should be operated with a key) & additional locks or bolts on patio or French doors, which are very rarely mentioned in insurance documents.

Please feel free to give us a call & Goldilocks Locksmiths will happily come to your property to carry out a free, no obligation survey to assess if your current locks need upgrading.


Goldilocks Locksmiths take pride in offering non destructive opening of safes & locks wherever possible. This includes manipulation of combination locks & picking of key locks.

All safes can be opened & restored to their original condition; even old safes that have no keys can be put back into use.

We can assist in safe combination code changes or alter existing locks when a safe key has been lost then supply you with duplicate safe keys on site (you don’t need to let your keys out of your sight.)

We open, repair, service & supply safes of all makes.

If you have any problem with your safe please contact us for a no-obligation quote

Lock Impression – Antique furniture & Church Keys

As well as our standard key cutting service, Goldilocks Locksmiths can also create keys from the lock itself, maybe for some antique furniture, fit old ‘Warded Locks’, old fashioned ‘cast’ blanks, an old chest or simply a door lock.

The art of impressioning is a highly skilled area of locksmithing which Goldilocks Locksmiths are proud to offer our customers

Please call or e-mail us now if you require this service.

Restricted key Systems

Prevent unauthorised key copying with a restricted key system for your peace of mind.

A restricted key system utilises patent protected keys & lock cores to restrict access to your property & restricts unauthorised duplication.

The special patented keys are only available to approved agents (i.e. you wont find them at the local hardware or Key Cutting shop) & details about who is authorised to have them duplicated are recorded by us here at Goldilocks Locksmiths.

Goldilocks Locksmiths will not cut a duplicate key without a letter/order signed by one of the signatories for your system.  This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing how many keys are in circulation at any one time.

This type of system is widely used by landlords, property letting agencies & holiday home owners.

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Master key systems

Master key systems offer control of people within a building; it effectively gives access to agreed areas for certain individuals & denies access to others. The master key holder would have access to all areas.

Master key systems can be used for a wide variety of applications be it on a commercial or domestic buildings & is widely used by landlords, hoteliers & schools.

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Home Help & Carers

Have you considered a Keybox outside your property with a code to enable your appointed visitors access without the need of struggling to get out of your chair?

We sell KEY BOXES that are very popular & provide the solution for many elderly & disabled people.